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Sex and the City is an American romantic comedy-drama television series created by Darren Star and produced by HBO. Broadcast from 1998 until 2004, the original run of the show had a total of 94 episodes. Throughout its six-year run, the show received contributions from various producers, writers, and directors, perhaps most significantly from Michael Patrick King.  Each session of this TV Serial has a very interesting plot.

Like these TV Series, I found there are so many interesting things in our society.  But no one wants to tell about them.  People like sex, they like women but hesitate to talk about them.

Plot of Sex and the City  (season 1)

Carrie Bradshaw lives in Manhattan and writes a column called “Sex and the City”. At a birthday party for Miranda, Carrie and her friends decide to start having sex “like men”, meaning without emotional attachment. However, she realizes she cannot after getting brushed off by a man she has sex with one time later.

Carrie has many chance encounters with a handsome businessman whom Samantha refers to as “Mr. Big”. They begin to date, but Carrie is dismayed to find out he is still seeing other people. Although he eventually agrees to exclusivity, he doesn’t introduce Carrie to his mother and won’t refer to her as “the one”, so rather than going on a planned vacation with him, Carrie breaks it off.

Carrie sets up Miranda with her friend Skipper. Miranda and he date on and off; he is more laid back while Miranda is more forceful. After they break up, Miranda sees him with another woman and feels compelled to resume their relationship, but they again break up when he wants exclusivity and she does not.

Charlotte dates a marriage-minded man but they clash over china patterns. She declines to have anal sex with another boyfriend and also consents to pose nude for a famous painter.

Samantha sleeps with an artist who likes to videotape his encounters, with Charlotte’s doorman, with a married couple, and with others. When she meets James, who seems utterly perfect for her, she’s heartbroken to discover that he has an extremely small penis.

10 sex tourism destinations around the world

It turns out that while planning a vacation, there are people who actually are looking for places where they can have uninhibited sex – not necessarily with their partners.

Thai Sex Workers
Thai Sex Workers

Some people look at sexual encounters while traveling as a way of enhancing their travel experience. And to top it all, the sex tourism industry is worth billions with millions of sex workers, both legal and illegal scattered around the globe.  read more

Russian prostitutes / Escorts in India?

They’re not all necessarily from Russia… many of them are also from the former Soviet republics, and therefore commonly referred to as “Russian”. They’re in India because their economies are weak, their climate is extremely cold for the major part of the year, they need to earn a living as they’re not necessarily educated or qualified enough to hold down high paying jobs, visas to India are relatively easy to obtain, India is a warmer and cheaper place to travel to and visit/live compared to other countries, and they’re aware of the Indian male preoccupation with “white” skin which guarantees them the novelty factor and business. You can also find them in other parts of the world, especially Asia and in the middle east countries, where also their skin colour and willingness makes them much sought after.

Russian Call Girls
Friends Cookie Jane And Emily B make their living selling their bodies to the highest bidder, they are call girls.

They are not Russian. They are mostly from countries like Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine etc. and have come to India in order to earn, as the economies of these countries are in doldrums and since life of a woman is very hard there.

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Difference between Escorts & Prostitutes

To the average citizen in the UK, there is little difference between being an escort and being a prostitute. The reality is that the businesses under both the mentioned areas are quite different. There is a difference between how an escort earns money vs. how prostitutes do so. This article is about letting you know the essential difference between the two kinds of workers.

What is a Prostitute?
Prostitutes earn their money solely for sexual favors. This is legitimate according to the laws in the UK. Workers in this industry never officially advertise because that can put them into legal trouble. Here is the thing: having sex in exchange for money is by all means legitimate. However, there are other activities that surround the business of prostitution, which make for illegal activities. Prostitutes often pick up clients from the side of the road which is very dangerous. A prostitute is defined as a streetwalker often offering sexual favours on the streets to fund drug habits. This is very different to how a high-class escort provides her services.

Prostitution in India
Prostitution in India

What is an Escort?
In contrast to prostitution, an escort is officially in a profession. It is accepted as a respectable business and there is a lot of money in it. An escort provides her client with companionship for a defined period.

Now it is true that an escort almost always has sex with her client, but there are cases where this doesn’t happen. There are many businessmen who travel to the UK and are in for a short visit for a few days. They don’t always have somebody with them to give them company. Escorts fill this gap by giving them company with some extra services.

They accompany their clients wherever they go such as for parties and other meetings. It is customary to have a female companion with you as a businessman. Prostitutes, of course, offer no such services to their clients. All sexual activities with clients are considered private and not part of the service. Sex takes place with the mutual consent of both parties and it may be paid for or not. Of course, unofficially, the fee always includes an amount for sexual service.
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An escort will never walk the streets looking for business and work is carried out in the privacy of her apartment, the clients place or a hotel.

Other services
There are many duties that escorts have other than providing clients with sexual pleasure. Many clients hire escorts for more than just sex. Escorts can be hired for companionship and a friendly ear to voice problems to almost like an agony aunt. A lot of people cannot talk to their families about their stressful lives and so seing an escort can provide a shoulder to cry on in a time of need.

Escorts are required to be smart and clever, something which isn’t always true of prostitutes. Clients pay escorts to have a really good time when they are with them. Sex is only part of what escorts offer, and this is where prostitutes and escorts differ the most. A prostitute may only engage with her client for a few minutes or hours. However, an escort may also accompany her client when he travels.

There are many escorts who even travel abroad with clients under certain conditions. Prostitutes don’t.